Five foods for teething babies

No parent wants to see their child in distress, which is why the teething process can be a mutually challenging situation for everyone involved.  

Just as every baby is individual in their mannerisms, appearance and development, they are different with the stages in which they begin to show teeth too - there is no single ‘how-to’ guide that fits all when it comes to parenting! 

What we can offer you, however, is advice on soothing your little one when teething becomes too much. 

Here are five fantastic foods to offer your child to ease the pain, and provide comfort. 

Remember: Every mouth is different, and whilst some children will take comfort in the pressure of solid foods on their gums, there are others that may find the chewing or gnawing too sensitive, preferring to eat soft foods - it is up to you and your baby to find the perfect match. 


Frozen fruit is great for helping little teeth - it doesn't need to be frozen for long, ten minutes is long enough to offer your baby a treat that is hard to gnaw on, whilst acting as a chilled soothing agent. As your baby enjoys their fruit, it will go soft, meaning they can eat it without it hurting.


Just like the soft, chilled fruit, Yoghurt is cold and soothing, perfect for babies that are unable to properly chew. 

Fancy getting creative? Use an ice cube tray to create frozen yoghurt for a tasty, textured treat. 



One of the common side-effects of teething for a baby is appetite loss, which is why soup is so great. With great nutritional value, it offers a healthy meal without worrying about the pain of pressure on those little gums - you can even serve it cold for additional soothing. 

Top tip: Put soup into a beaker and let your baby drink themselves, this gives your baby the option to chew the top of the beaker if they want to. 


The best biscuits for babies are ones that will go soft, for example, rusks or breadsticks.

If you have time on your hands there are some great recipes for baby biscuits, using very basic ingredients, including mashed banana, oats and coconut oil. All you have to do is blend the oats into an oat flower add your banana and oil then bake for 10 minutes.


Another great example of  foods you can serve at room temperature, or frozen.

Carrot sticks are great for soothing gums, as they offer a similar texture to teething toys, and can be easily chilled through refrigeration. 

Note: Be wary to avoid any citrus type fruits, anything acidic, or foods containing too much spice or salt. All of these can cause further inflammation to the gums creating more pain.

Please remember when giving your baby any type of teething foods to always keep a close eye to prevent possible choking hazards.