Is your baby teething?

Teething is the process by which an infant's first teeth sequentially appear by emerging through the gums, typically arriving in pairs; it can be a time filled with challenges, as your baby adapts to their new mouth! 

There is no specific age when teething starts and finishes, however, on average babies will get their first tooth between 4 - 7 months, and have their full set of teeth by the age of 3 - so, if you recognise any of the tell-tale signs below, it's safe to say your little one is heading towards that all-important milestone. 

Sometimes the signs of your baby teething are minimal making it difficult to know when your babies gums are beginning to hurt.

Here are some of the more subtle symptoms:

  • Biting/sucking on everything and anything whether it be toys/bottles/blanket - This is just to relieve pressure on the gums.

  • Ear pulling - Babies will ear pull as their gums are swollen and the pain can travel to the eardrums making their ears very uncomfortable.

  • Rosy cheeks - Where the upcoming tooth has caused irritation you may find their cheeks are slightly rosy and warmer than normal.

 As babies are naturally curious, it may seem that they are just exploring their surroundings, testing out different textures on objects, when in fact, they are doing this to relieve pressure on their gums - so keep an eye out if they are doing these things excessively, or more often than usual. 

Other symptoms can be a lot more obvious: 

  • Drooling - a very common symptom of teething but it can make your baby dehydrated from producing so much saliva so try to encourage them to drink lots of water.

  • Mouth rash - caused by excessive drooling, best way to help this is just by keeping it clean and dry.

  • Irritable and grouchy - Understandably so, it cant be nice to have your teeth push through your gums and not know why. Just try to keep your baby distracted and comfort them.

If you are unsure if your baby is teething, or if there is an alternative concern, you should always seek advice from a medical professional. 

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