The importance of outdoor play

Spring has well and truly sprung, and with hot weather set to head our way, now is the best time to get your little one out into the great outdoors.

Whether you’re taking a gentle stroll with your newborn, or exploring new lands with your adventurous toddler, outdoor play has endless advantages for you and your family.

During the first few years of their lives, your child is learning to make sense of the world. They are carefully studying every smell, sound, and experience, expertly crafting the path that leads to their future behaviour.

Outdoor play isn’t just fun for your infant – it is crucial for cognitive development!

Remember: infants and toddlers are naturally curious – after all, they are still discovering the world! This means they require constant supervision when they are outdoors.

Here are five fantastic benefits of outdoor play with your child:

  1. Develop those motor skills
    From early years toddling across the grass, to hop, skip and jump across the playground, the great outdoors offers endless opportunities for your child to embrace open spaces and test out their dexterity.
  2. The start of a little eco-warrior
    What better way to keep our planet safe than to teach our children the importance of respecting their surroundings. Developing an appreciation for nature at an early age will lead to greater environmental consciousness as an adult.
  3. Help your baby sleep better at night
    We all know how it feels to crash out after a long walk; the same is true for your child after a few hours of fresh air – the perfect opportunity for you to grab yourself a full night sleep!
  4. Encourages a healthy lifestyle
    Getting outdoors with your little one is a great way of helping them burn off some of that built-up energy, establishing the foundations of a healthy lifestyle by offering physical activities and challenges. It will also increase a healthy appetite and encourage better sleep.
  5. Let’s make friends!
    Not only is venturing outside great for supporting your child’s physical development it is also a fantastic opportunity to see how your child socialises. Whether it’s interacting with other children in an open, supervised space, or as part of an arranged play date, the exciting, sensory surroundings of outdoor play can lead to some magical imagination games between you and other children.

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